#Syncolove is forever. We used to #sing, but now we…. Have #syncorager nights. Too much #fun w my #loves. #alumni #familyfirst #msjsyncopasians #syncopasian #music #pun #ilovemyfriends

#Syncolove is forever. We used to #sing, but now we…. Have #syncorager nights. Too much #fun w my #loves. #alumni #familyfirst #msjsyncopasians #syncopasian #music #pun #ilovemyfriends

Spent some quality time w my #bigbro yest 💜 one of the only men (not actually related to me) in my life I can honestly say I love. #familyfirst #syncopasian #wedontsinganymore #sadlife #bonding

Spent some quality time w my #bigbro yest 💜 one of the only men (not actually related to me) in my life I can honestly say I love. #familyfirst #syncopasian #wedontsinganymore #sadlife #bonding


I’ve had a goodass winter break so far [despite being sick]. I got sick this weekend [while at work… yay..] and couldn’t go to work on Monday, and am still getting over it, but yesterday was bombbb!

Woke up and got Bagel Shop/nails done/Verde/went to pacific commons with Mina. We haven’t seen each other since Halloween weekend, and it was the first time we’ve kicked it just the two of us in a longggg time, and it felt so good. It sucks that not seeing each other for over a month is normal for us now, when until college started, it was weird when we didn’t see each other for 2-3 days. But guess that just shows how strong out friendship is. After we kicked it, I went to work.

And then I called up DavidWu and we got Supertaco [yes I ate a lot yesterday..] and then just kicked it at my house for a bit… and randomly decided to call up CathyChen&OtisLee&ThuTran and they all came over and we had a catch up session/hang out thing that lasted until 2AM. It felt so good to laugh so hard tears come to my eyes. It’s been a long time.

It’s tough keeping friends in college, but it’s so nice to know that in the end, the people who had your back in high school are still down to chill. Love love love my synco buddies. <3

Thank You!


Thank you to everybody who showed up to watch our Annual Mini-Concert today! We really appreciate it; y’all were a great audience, and we had so much fun performing for you guys!

If you liked the performance today, and are interested in being in Syncopasian next year, please come audition! You really have nothing to lose - we don’t bite (; More information can be found on the Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=203726819664495!

I’ll write my post about being in the audience later on, but SO PROUD OF MY SYNCOBABIES!

Please consider trying out, you guys!!!! And follow the MSJ Synco Tumblr for more updates (; [hey - even though I’ve graduated, I still enjoy publicizing for them LOL!]

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WHEN? Thursday, May 26th! next week! DURING LUUUUNCH.



come out and watch MSJ’s acapella group’s annual miniconcert! it’s during lunch and of course FREE OF CHARGE. so you better come (: HELL YEAH. <3 hope to see you there!



you heard the woman! :]

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would you like to be serenaded… ACAPELLA STYLE???






IN C120





Director: Elaine Kuo (Senior)
Seniors: Theo Ma, Andrew Kim, Eileen Nguyen, Sterling Tarng
Juniors: Merry Mou(2012 director), Nathan Suh, Brandon Chen, Tien Lu
Sophomores: Allison Cho, Emily Chen, Joshua Shao
Freshmen: Jennifer Mou


Come watch us perform!! :)

Come watch my Syncobabies perform!! <3

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Syncopasians Mini Concert!



May 26th 2011 during lunch in C120!

come out and support our year long hard work :O

also auditions are coming up for those interested !!!


Come see my Synco babies perform! I’m so so excited, because I love them wayy too much! :]]]

Facebook event:

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Come watch us perform at MSJ!

Yeeeee!! Come watch! I&#8217;ve performed at both previous Not For Sale concerts, so this&#8217;ll be the first time I&#8217;ll be just a spectator. It&#8217;s a really great cause, so if you&#8217;re free on Friday night, come come come! :]


Come watch us perform at MSJ!

Yeeeee!! Come watch! I’ve performed at both previous Not For Sale concerts, so this’ll be the first time I’ll be just a spectator. It’s a really great cause, so if you’re free on Friday night, come come come! :]


a cover of Somewhere Only We Know by Keane; Andrew Kim on vocals, me (Theo) on piano.

oh & apologies for the kchchhthth noises, andrew’s voice was too powerful for my little mic that was recording piano at the same time :[

i love my Syncoboys <3

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Save Room-John Legend

I could just stay up all night listening to this.

<3 reminds me of syncos (:

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ROFL. :] <3 syncos.

still in progress, but followww :]
&tell your synco friends who don’t have a bio up there yet to send them to me! :) 

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“Perfect”, by Pink - cover by CIMORELLI!

Cimorelli (of “Firework” cover fame) have done it again. Sigh.

i miss acapella so damn much.
&they’re so so so good. 

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I wrote awhile ago about how I’m getting more involved with VSA by being a part of their culture show and everything. Rehearsals officially start this Sunday, and I’m kind of excited! I’ve been bonding with VSA people a lot lately :) 

But anyway, a friend asked if I wanted to be a part of his act for JSA’s show, and I agreed, because, well.. I haven’t had a chance to work on music in awhile. Like yeah, I’ve been in choir and everything, but that’s not the same as… well, a lot of stuff I did in high school. I’m not doing acapella right now, and it sucks because I really really miss it. I miss crazy rehearsals, spontaneous jam sessions, standing in front of a crowd with people I love, about to do what we do best. But y’all know that already because I’ve been complaining about how much I miss Synco for awhile haha.

Anyway, I’m meeting up with my friend after stats today so we can decide what we’re singing… and then rehearse. And I’m stoked.

But then I get this e-mail, saying that they need more students in a Student Showcase… next week. I ask my friend if he wants to do it, and he says, “Sure, why not?” So while looking for a song we might be able to learn/perform in.. 7 days, I thought, “What about Quando Quando Quando?”

Which makes me look through my tumblr posts for the version I sang with Alvin [and go on Youtube to look up GabeBondoc’s version, which is what Alvin&I based ours on], and it made me miss him SO much. BESTFRAAAN, IF YOU’RE READING THIS, I MISS YOU.

But.. I’m really really excited to get back to work on music, outside of a classroom environment. Listening to myself from just a few months ago makes me cringe a little bit, but.. its a good thing. It means I can hear what I need to improve on. And I feel like I’ve been able to work on my voice since school started, so hopefully things will work out!

I’m excited :)


Joy To The World/Usher Medley - Committed

I don’t know what I keep listening to more: their rendition of “Joy To The World” or their “Usher Medley.” <333 I’m a Committed fan forreal.

Okay not gonna lie - I hate “Joy to the World.” My least favorite Holiday song. Buuuut I LOVE COMMITTED. <3

This show makes me miss&appreciate Synco even more (:

aMEE #09

I love my Syncopasians. <3

Most of 1stGen

Current Syncos

Even though it’s been a few months since I was a part of this group, it still feels like home when I come back. I love them so much… I forgot how much of a family we all are. Yes, we still are a family, even though we rarely see each other. I mean, looking at the 1st gen, we have people at Berkeley, SCU, UCDavis, UCIrvine, UCSD [not pictured], WeberStateUniversity [in Utah], Oberlin [in Ohio], JohnHopkins… and then the current members are still at Mission. But when we get together, you can’t deny our chemistry. So no, while Syncos aren’t the most technically advanced group, we sound damn good&perform pretty well because of the amazing mix of people we have.

Miss them so much <3 (:

I guess the point of this post is that…. I don’t understand why people hang out with people they don’t like. I surround myself with positive people who make my life better, because… well, they make me happy, you know? But I know so many people who are constantly complaining about the people they hang out with, yet they don’t do anything about it. And that just doesn’t make sense to me. Sure, maybe you have a long history with that person, but what’s the point if you’re miserable when you’re with the person? Meh. Whatever.

So this is just a big shout out to everybody who’s made my life a better one, just by being in it. Love you allllll!